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Business Elevation Program

Mission statement

Here at elevated accounting we are a different type of accounting firm.
Our main focus is our clients business growth and success.
We have developed a business success system which we guarantee works if the client works with us.

Changing your Business – The Reason

The Questions to ask yourself
Are you getting the return from your business that you should be?

Here is the quick way to calculate it
How much would you earn as a wage if you closed your business and worked for someone else? How many hours per week would you work for that?
To work out your hourly value, divide weekly expected employee wage by
hours worked (eg $1000 divide by 40 hours = $25 per hour).

How many hours are you currently working in your business? Multiply the hours you are currently working by expected hourly wage to get amount you should be receiving for your time.

Now estimate the value of your business
Multiply that by 20% – this is the minimum that you should be receiving as a ROI

Add the expected wage and expected ROI together – are you earning at least that much? For your business to be worth what you want – how much would you need to
sell of your product/service?
Is it possible to sell that much with your current business structure?

How many hours would you need to work personally?
So you can see that to achieve your goals – you are going to have to change yourself and your business model

The Process

The Business Elevation Program covers all facets of the business – Marketing, Finance, Operations and more
The program is implemented in 3 stages

Expected outcomes – Stage 1
– find out where business is currently at – put systems/templates in place

– increase saleable value of business
– increase time freedom of owner/owners

Expected outcomes – Stage 2
– review all processes in the business to work out how to improve them – increase profits
– greatly boost sale value
– further decrease reliance on owner

Expected outcomes – Stage 3
– implement improvements
– measure impact of improvements – continue improvements

The Benefits

– reduce reliance of business on owners
– give owners back their lives
– maximise business saleability for when time comes
– increase profits
– put framework in place to allow business growth
– set a clear path for the future of the business
– give detailed information on all areas of the business

– allow improvements to be implemented and measured in every area of the business – fully documented business system

How do I start my business Transformation?

The Program can be tailored to your current business situation, taking in to
account timeframes and budget.
To discuss how we can help transform your business please call us on 03 9682 7011 or e-mail