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Beware of an ATO phishing scam e-mail


We have been made aware that a scam email called “Tax Agent Report – Delayed Tax Report” has surfaced.

The emails have been sent out randomly and they appear to be from a email address.

Please be aware that this email contains malware and it is not from the Australian Taxation Office, therefore:

  • Do not open the attachment
  • Delete the email Immediately

For more information read the following warning received from the Australian Taxation Office.

Warning new phishing scam: ‘Tax Agent Report – Delayed Tax Returns’ email contains malware – do not open

Today, we became aware that the email address that we have been using since July 2012 to send out ‘Tax Agent Report – Delayed Tax Returns’ emails has been used in a scam.

The scam email appears to be from an email address and displays as being sent from:

  • Australian Taxation Office
  • Australian Taxation Office –, or

If you have received any emails from this source today:

    • do not open the attachment
    • delete the email immediately. We understand that this scam email has been sent out widely and some of your colleagues, clients and friends may have also received it.

We have shut down the email address and are investigating the scam.

Some Elevated Accounting clients have contacted us after receiving this e-mail.

These and similar e-mails highlight the importance of having an up to date anti virus program on your computer.

If you would like to discuss this e-mail or for any other business advice please contact us.